Wine Tour

A passion that remains over time

Over the years, the winery has been run with foresight and entrepreneurial skills; in fact, the vineyards have been renovated and production techniques constantly improved. Today the winery mainly produces Barbera and Pinot Noir and offers five wines that are different from each other but of great quality.

A unique experience among our vineyards

Our Wine Tour is a unique experience in which you can experience all the production processes up close. The tour includes a guided tour of the winery followed by a tasting of our wines and finally a walk through the winery's organic vineyards to discover the true essence of our production, a constant care and respect for nature and its fruits.

Tasting in a picturesque location

All this will be accompanied by tastings of typical Piedmontese delicacies immersing ourselves in the fascinating food and wine world of this region between bagnacauda, truffle sauces and hazelnut creams. At the winery, of course, it will be possible to buy all the winery's products.